Jewellery Information & Care



We use 18ct gold. Clean with a soft cloth to restore shine.

Gold Vermeil

The definition of Gold Vermeil is extra thick plating, where the requirements are that the metal must be at least Sterling silver, the gold must be of at least 10ct and a minimum of 2.5 micron in thickness. We use Sterling silver plated with 3 microns of 18ct gold. Gold vermeil carry a silver hallmark. 

Jewellery made of Gold Vermeil - especially items like earrings, brooches, necklaces and pendants - will, if care is taken, last a long time without require re-plating. Chains and rings, due to usually being more exposed to wear and tear, might require slightly more frequent re-plating, especially if worn on a daily basis. To protect the surface, use only a soft cloth for cleaning. Remove the jewellery when taking a bath or shower, taking extra care to avoid chlorinated or salt water, perfume, detergents and creams. 


We use 925 Sterling silver. To maintain the brightness of polished silver we recommend cleaning with a soft cloth, or -  in cases of removing tarnish - a silver cream polish and / or an impregnated cloth, which gives longer lasting results. We do not recommend using silver dips, as although the results are instant, it tends to accelerated the time it takes for the piece to re-tarnish.

Oxidised silver

Some pieces of jewellery are blackened/oxidised to create a contrast or a design effect. The dark finish on exposed parts will with time wear off slightly, leaving the recessed parts darker than the overall finish. To keep the dark appearance for as long as possible, avoid rubbing the pieces against hard surfaces. Items with a 100% oxidised surface should not be polished at all. To clean the shiny areas of partly oxidised pieces, rub carefully on the exposed parts with an impregnated cloth. Avoid cream polish and dips as those will remove all traces of the oxidisation. 


Extra care should be taken when handling and storing pearls. Make sure pearls do not come into contact with detergents, chemicals or perfume.

General Care

Care for you jewellery by storing items separately to avoid damage and tangled chains. Only clean your jewellery with a soft cloth, although silver jewellery can be cleaned using an impregnated polishing cloth or a cream silver cleaner providing the silver has no oxidised detailing (please see above).  

Items are made in Sweden and are stamped in accordance with Swedac's - Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment - requirements, or made in the UK and hallmarked in accordance with the UK Hallmarking Act.