Jewellery Collections by Annika Burman


A collection earrings and pendants based on a collection of Swedish fairytales published in the early 1900's. The tales about trolls and other mythical beings, part of traditional Scandinavian folklore, an the images they conjure - in combination with the illustrations by John Bauer - has inspired a collection of sculptural jewellery with sharp blade-like detailing where the the pendant loop is an integral part of the piece. Likewise, some of the earrings appear to wrap around the ear in shape of a twisted hoop. In contrast to the source of inspiration, the resulting collection has an almost futuristic feel.
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Based on my very first designs, the Origo – meaning origin – collection includes some of my most classic designs and later versions of my early pieces. Clean, classic but often with sharp, sting-in-the-tail detailing, the pieces stand the test of time.
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Knotted and twisted which appear as tied around fingers, earlobes and neck chain. The name alludes to rope ‘tricks’. Simple, easy and timeless jewellery for anytime and anywhere, this collection is ever evolving.
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With a shape inspired by a stemmed glass and named after a 1920’s cocktail, Dixie is the ultimate cocktail ring. It is available as a ‘Double’ - set with two stones, or as the ‘Cobra’ - set with one large gemstone and trailing snake like around the finger – and in a large selection of gemstones. It can be made to order with a stone/s of your choice
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Pentagon shaped pendants and earrings set with fiery red garnet in gold vermeil or cool London Blue topaz set in rhodium plated silver. Named after the sun goddess Helia due to the sunburst detailing, the geometric shapes, while contemporary in design, do have an art deco feel. The silver coloured pieces are bright silvery white due to the rhodium plating which also ensure that the silver will not tarnish.
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The cog shaped ‘metal flower’ design takes inspiration from the futuristic 1927 Fritz Lang film Metropolis.
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Wear your own lucky demon! A cheeky take on the traditional amulet or talisman, worn to protect or bring luck is a different way to wear the traditional gold & pearl combination where the contrasting black chain brings focus on the gold motif.
The collection includes pendants and earrings in textured silver and gold vermeil, with or without a pearl charm.
Cufflinks are also available in the same two finishes plus the new addition, blackened silver.
A small collection of mini Demons 18ct gold with a mirror finish, which includes ear studs sold individually, is also available.
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A collection of organically flowing ‘ribbons’ of silver which wrap around the hand and neck. Modernist shapes based on natural forms such as a loop, a figure of eight and the möbius strip – a half twisted band where the ends are joined. The Ninja rings – two twisted and wavy rings with diamond set tips – are now part of the Twister collection.
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Free form shapes recalling kaleidoscope shapes and patterns and with an Art Nouveau feel. Asymmetric designs that are slightly angled, these are definite statement pieces which are available in gold vermeil and silver, with or without oxidised detailing.
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Inspired by rain and dripping water, the collection’s hero piece is the oversized statement cuff. The collection include a necklace and two styles of earrings
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Chunky jewellery inspired by nature. Glimmering silver ‘rocks’ and ‘minerals’.
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A collection of armory inspired jewellery with an organic feel. Arrowheads and mesh work takes inspiration from intricately decorated and hand crafted ancient weapons, shields and armor. The studded detailing makes the pieces glisten and glimmer.
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The classic heart, but with a difference. Lightly textured and hanging at an angle, the hearts are available in chunky silver and gold vermeil and in delicate 18ct gold
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A faceted 'diamond' design in 18ct white gold with a centre diamond. The name Diondi is a play on 'Diamond' ('D') 'on' 'Diamond' ('D'). The facets are irregular and the ear studs match each other instead of being identical.
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