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Buying a Ring as a Gift - How To Get The Right Size March 11 2017

Buying a ring as a gift can be difficult if you don't know the size. 

Borrowing a ring that belongs to the person you are buying for is often not possible without ruining the surprise. Another way to go about could be to try the other person's ring on one of your fingers to see which one of your fingers it fits, or make the person try one of your rings on the (intened) finger to see if you can get a perfect match. All without raising suspicion of course!


Without access to a professional jeweller's ring sizing stick you can measure the inside of the ring with a simple strip of paper. Measure the circumference carefully by indicationg where the ends meet and note down the how long it is in millimeters. You can find your official ring size here, but note that there are different sizing systems depending on country so pick the correct one and include your own measurement in millimeters for additonal reference. We do of course use UK sizing.

Rings come in so many styles, widths and thicknesses, but a general rule is that if you measure on a narrow ring band but intend to buy a wider band then you will have to go up half a size (or possibly more, should it be much wider), and of course, a half size smaller if you intend to buy a more narrow band than the ring you took the measurement from, therefore always include an approximately measurement of the width of the band of the original ring.

To slightly increasing the size of a plain narrow ring is usually a small job for a jeweller, changing the size of a ring which is set with stones, have decorative detailing (especially if the design encircle the whole ring) is an entirely different matter. Stones will have to be removed and pattern run the risk to become uneven. Depending on the design, a ring altered several sizes might change proportions making it look different from the ring you choose. In some cases the whole ring will have to be re-made. 

Another option is of course to go for a ring with an open band, a ring which is open at the back, or at the front, making it part of the design, like a 'wrapped' ring which coils around the finger.


The wearer can usually make this type of ring fit perfectly by just carefully squeezing it, but if you include your size (email us when you place the order) we can make sure it arrives with the perfect fit. 



New Blade Collection October 14 2016

The first pieces of the new Blade collection is now available to buy online and from the JeDeCo gallery in the Oxo Tower on London's Southbank.

Inspired by a collection of Swedish fairy tales which were published more than a hundred years ago, the tales of trolls and other mythical beings, accompanied by magical illustrations by John Bauer, has resulted in a collection of pendants and earrings which are sculptural in shape, but with a sharp 'blade' detail.

With the chain loops being an integral part of the design, the pendants combine simple sleek lines with a modern sharp edge, and the resulting pieces have an almost  futuristic feel with a – quite literally – ‘sting in the tail’

Seven new pieces are currently available - view here - but more designs  - including gem-set pendants in silver and gold vermeil – will follow  throughout November and December






Diamond - The Birth Stone For April April 01 2016

Diamond is the birth stone for April and as such also for Aries, the first sign in the zodiac. I use diamonds not only in gold, like The Diondi Collection, but also sometimes set diamonds into silver, like with my Ninja rings: The Twisted Ninja ring  and The Wavy Ninja ring which have tiny diamonds set into the tips to provide an extra, unexpected twinkle.



Twisted Ninja ring                                   Wavy Ninja ring

Aquamarine - The Birth Stone For March March 02 2016

Aquamarine is the birth stone for March, and as the name suggests  - aqua and marine - it associates to the sea. The stone, which can be either a greenish aqua colour or closer to blue is sometimes clear, sometimes cloudy. It is beautiful both combined with silver and rose or yellow gold.
Below is the Dixie Cobra ring in gold vermeil with a facetted aquamarine

Dixie Rings - Choose Your Favourite Gemstone/s February 28 2016

The shape of the Dixie ring is inspired by the shape of a cocktail glass with an elongated stem which curl around your finger. Made of hallmarked sterling silver and also available in gold vermeil*, the ring is open so the size is adjustable, but to get the right fit straight away, please let us know your finger size when ordering and it will arrive with a perfect fit.

Available as either Cobra - with a single stone  - or the Double gemstone version, where you can order a ring set with two identical favourites, or why not choose matching or contrasting gemstones instead?

There is a wide choice of stones available: citrine, amethyst, sky blue and white (clear) topaz, black sapphire, rainbow and blue moonstone and lemon, green, smoky and rose quartz.

The rings can of course be made in 18ct gold with an even wider choice of gemstone, please contact us here for a quote.

A selection of rings are ready to ship, others available with a max 2 week lead time. Here you can view the collection , but if you want a ring to your specification - view here - then the standard lead time is 2-6 weeks.



*extra thick (3micron) gold plating on silver

Online Gift Vouchers Now Available February 23 2016

We can now offer online gift vouchers! They are available in £25, £50 and £100 but if you want your voucher to have a different value, then we can create one for you, just get in touch here

The vouchers are valid for one year and can be either sent to you by mail, or you can download you voucher in PDF format to print it yourself, perfect if you are looking for a last minute gift.

Read more about it here.






Diamond Set Ninja Rings In Silver January 06 2016



The two Ninja rings, 'twisted' and 'wavy' - both with glistening diamond tips - are now part of the Twister Collection with which they share the flat ribbon design shapes.

The Origo Collection by Annika Burman December 13 2015

Origo is the collective name of some of my very first designs which I still make today. As Origo stands for 'origin' or 'point zero' it describes it very well. I will continue to update and add new pieces which share the same design sensibilities with earlier work, to this collection. The designs can best be describe as simple and strong, often with sharp and spiky detailing. The three pairs of earrings below are examples of my, by now, classic designs which have stood the test o time.

From left: Tusk Ear Studs, Six-spike earrings, Four-spike earrings


JeDeCo - Jewellery Designers' Collective December 10 2015

I have been a member of JeDeCo - Jewellery Designers' Collective - from when it was first set up in 2009. JeDeCo started as a support group for small independent jewellery designer businesses and in June 2012 we took a step forward by opening a permanent gallery/showroom in the iconic Oxo Tower building on the Southbank in London from where each member can both sell, display and curated our own collections.

JeDeCo is the showroom, managed by us all collectively, and the umbrella under which we sell our jewellery as individual businesses.

This has enabled us maintain a spacious showroom in a beautiful central London location near many famous landmarks on London's Southbank like The London Eye,Tate Modern, Royal Festival Hall, The Hayward Gallery etc, not to mention the actual Oxo Tower itself - a great building with designer shops, coffee shops and a restaurant.

JeDeCo is open 7 days a week (with the exception of certain public holidays)

The jewellery by Annika Burman on display at the gallery is always up to date and new pieces of jewellery go straight from the workshop onto the shelves. 

If you want to be kept up with what is happening at the gallery then please sign up to my newsletter