jewellery by ANNIKA BURMAN


With a lifelong passion for design, Annika Burman creates jewellery that combine the clean and minimalist shapes synonymos with Scandinavian design with a wide array of influences, including, but not limited to, the natural world and the magic of outer space, 20th century art, pop culture, architecture and - the often overlooked - natural elegance of many everyday objects and tools. The designs evolve by merging contrasting elements, playing with scale and placement and exploring textures.

The jewellery is finely crafted in silver and gold by fusing modern and traditional techniques, the distinct, yet timeless, pieces are then hand-finished with attention to detail and a quality that will last.
Previously based in London, Annika Burman is also a founding member of JeDeCo - Jewellery Designers' Collective - a collective of independent jewellery designers which have been trading independently from the iconic Oxo Tower on London's Southbank since 2012.