Buying a Ring - How To Get The Right Size

Some general tips on how to find out which size ring to buy when you are shopping online.

Without access to a professional jeweller's ring sizing stick you can measure the inside of the ring with a simple strip of paper. Measure the circumference carefully by indicating where the ends meet and note down the length in millimeters.

You can also measure the inside of a ring which fits, using the same paper strip method. 

You can find your official ring size here, but please note that there are different sizing systems depending on country. We advise that you include your measurement in millimeters for additional reference.

Another option is of course to go for a ring with an open band, a ring which is open at the back or front, or which coils around the finger, like the rings shown below. These types of rings can usually be adjusted slightly by the wearer carefully sqeezing it.

We prefer to send you a ring that fits you perfectly, so if you are able to enclose your size when placing your order we will make our outmost to ensure that also an open ring will arrive a perfect fit. 

     ninja-silver-ring-with-diamond-tips-by-annika-burman     rain ring in silver by Annika Burman                                                         Cobra Ring                         Ninja Ring                              Rain Ring

If you have the chance to have your finger measured professionally, then we will always advise you to do so.

Having your ring re-sized at a later stage will always come at an additional cost, and in some cases - such as when the ring is set with gemstones or where a design or pattern risk getting distorted in the process - the piece might require a complete re-work.

Please note that that if you intend to purchase a wide or slim band, the ring you measure in order to find your size, should be of similar width. A wider band do generally mean that you will requires a slightly larger size.









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