Chain Lengths - A Little Guide


Here is a general guide to chain lengths, for when you want to buy a necklace online, to yourself or as a gift.

flint necklaces in silver by Annika Burman

How long you want your chain to be is of course a personal choice, but it usually depends on which style of neckline that you, or the person you are buying the necklace for, tend to wear, and also if you prefer to wear your necklace next to your skin or on top of your clothes.

shark silver necklaces from the blade collection by Annika Burman

The general rule is that a close fitting 16" chain works with everything except for  tight-fitting necklines and shirts buttoned all the way up. 

18", which translates to 45-46 cm (45,72 cm, to be exact), is the most popular and versatile length. If you wear a deep V-neck, tight or deep plunging roundneck, or an unbuttoned shirt, this is a perfect length. 

A necklace or pendant that is 20" / 50 cm, or longer, will - unless you wear a very deep plunging neckline - sit on top of your clothes. 

This is just general guide so if you are petite, a larger size, or just have a longer torso, the above might not apply to you. Always measure when possible. You want to avoid the pendant hitting the edge of the neckline of what you are wearing.

You also need to take the size and shape of the pendant into consideration. If it is an extra long or very large pendant, then you would most likely need to replace an 18" chain with a 16" chain for the same effect. 

The illustration below is a rough guide - your neck and general body size will of course also affect how a necklace will sit and where a pendant will be placed. A pendant added onto the chain will add weight and therefore sit lower down on your torso.than shown below.



16" / 41 cm          22" / 56 cm
17" / 43 cm          24" / 61 cm
18" / 46 cm          30" / 76 cm
20" / 51 cm          36" / 91 cm          


Here are some examples:


 18ct Gold Heart Pendant on an approx 41 cm / 16" long chain

nebula pendant necklace with opal by Annika Burman

Nebula Pendant With Opal Triplet on an approx 46 cm / 18" long chain

Jagged Blade Pendant Necklace on an approx 65 cm / 25,5" long chain

long demon necklace in silver by Annika Burman

Long Demon Silver Necklace with a total length of approx 90 cm / 35,5"

flint large necklace in silver by Annika Burman

Flint Large Necklace on a 41 cm /16" chain

An extra large pendant is an example of when you might need a shorter chain than usual.

The Rain Pendant on a 42 cm / 16,5"  long chain.

An extra long pendant is another example of when you might need a shorter chain than usual.


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