Jewellery Made To Order by Annika Burman June 23 2020

The world has changed in 2020 and many have had to make changes to their way of working. To go forward cautiously by waiting in anticipation of what the coming months will bring is not something we want to do, preferring instead to hit the floor running. We want to launch new designs straight away and make use of new ideas that have taking shape during the retrograde period we have all experienced this spring.

We are going forward by actually launching more new designs this year than we did last, and the focus will be on fine jewellery, of which some items are now available and new items will continue to drop here on the website with regular intervals. 

To make this possible, the majority of the new design will be made to order with a 3-4 week lead time. We will also launch new designs in silver, of which some will also be be made to order. From time to time some of the made to order items will be available straight away. If the stock level is set at '1' or above, then the item is ready to ship!