New Fine Jewellery Collections June 26 2020

2020 has been the year when I made the decision to focus on expanding my fine jewellery collections. In these uncertain times it feels more right than ever to invest in high quality pieces that will really last, but which still have a certain edge. Three new designs has been released so far and more pieces will follow soon.


Blade Hoop Earrings

The focus is on everyday luxe, contemporary pieces that will catch your eye, yet will not date and can be worn anywhere and everywhere, from a pared back evening look to something special for daytime.


Fire Flame Gold Earrings

Earrings is what you will be seeing most of in 2020, but new pendants and rings are also coming. The new pieces will slot into the existing collections and will be mainly made to order. This allows us to offer a larger selection, which is more fun for us, and hopefully for you too! We hope we can make you your new favourite, never-want-to-take-off, piece of jewellery!


Rebel Hoop Earrings